Born in Montelupo Fiorentino, 1948, Antonio Biancalani has felt a passion for the art since he was a young boy. He studied at the Scuola del Nudo, located at the Academy of Florence. Later, he devoted himself to etching, a technique that he will develop during the years, together with the painting. The expositing activity grows at the beginnig of the '80s, after a period of meditation that brings to the artist a new figurative vision, based on a interpretation of the reality. It is in this period that the artist starts to show his paintings in the important fairs in Italy, Europe and USA. In the '90s Antonio Biancalani meets Nicola Miniaci,who belongs to the Miniaci Italian Arte, and with whom he starts a long and rich relationship. Antonio Biancalani lives and works at Lamporecchio, PIsa.